Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Our Summer CSA Experience - Week of May 22, 2014

What’s in the box this week? May 22, 2014

This week's USDA Certified Organic Share includes:
- Lettuce Heads - 2
- Scallions - bunch
- Radishes - bunch
- Kale - bunch
- Basil- 4" pot

Price is $15.00

What to do with all the fresh produce?
Fresh salads are the best! Even the kids are starting to eat lettuce, which they would never eat before.

We used the scallions to make Eggs Columbian, a recipe Ina Garten featured on her food network show.  It’s a breakfast burrito recipe, but we eat it on a plate without a burrito shell…so simple and so good!

I was never a fan of radishes, but I’m starting to like them on salads. Especially straight from the farm when they’re fresh, crisp, and spicy. My husband worked in the catering area of a convention center for his first job and actually filled entire rubbermaid plastic totes with hand cut radish roses to garnish salads. Maybe next year I’ll share a radish rose tutorial as he has lots of experience. :)

We selected a bunch of kale with purple stalks.  The kale was used in green smoothies. The kids love these and they’re an easy way to eat your greens. If you ever have too much kale, just wash it, remove the stems, and freeze it for smoothies.

We used the basil to make caprese salad and to top minestrone soup, pizza, and spaghetti.

Can’t wait to see what’s available next!

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