Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Back To School Teacher Gift - Excited to “bee” in your class! with Lip Balm

My son got to meet his new Kindergarten teacher, ride the big yellow school bus around town, and tour his new elementary school in preparation for his first day of school. He was super excited and wanted to make his new teacher a special card.

We decided to include a small gift with his card, a chapstick or lip balm whichever you like to call it. Since he has been totally fascinated with bees this summer and I’m trying to buy healthier products, we’re using a tube of Burt’s Bees Lip Balm for this project.

We designed a quick card on the computer with a big clipart bee in the middle and wrote:

"So excited to “bee” in your Kindergarten class!"

I was going to put “So happy to bee in your Kindergarten class!”, but he requested we use the word excited. I love that he is old enough to collaborate on projects adding his own personal touch. The card was printed on white card stock that was cut to size and attached to a slightly larger piece of blue card stock providing a colorful border.  To make it extra special, my son carefully wrote his teacher’s name across the top and signed his name at the bottom of the card.

For the final step, attaching the lip balm to the card, we considered three possible options:

1. Make two cuts into the card stock and slip the tube of lip balm through.
This option was quickly eliminated, since the card did not lay nice and flat when testing it.

2. Use a ribbon to tie the lip balm to the card.
The sample using ribbon looked good, but we ultimately chose the last option that was by far the easiest and didn’t require any cuts or holes punched into the card.

3. Use washi tape to attach lip balm…the winning option!
No wonder washi tape is so popular. It’s super easy to use, the adhesive works well, and it looks amazing! I can’t wait to use washi tape in more projects.

What a great day meeting the new teacher! Our little man is super excited for his first day of school. Now we need to tackle shopping for the long list of school supplies.

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