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Our Summer CSA Experience - Week of June 5, 2014

What’s in the box this week? June 5, 2014

This week's USDA Certified Organic Share includes:
- Sugar Snap Peas - 1 qt
- Lettuce - 2 heads
- Napa Cabbage - light cabbage flavor
- Beets - bunch
- Kohlrabi - bunch - nice broccoli flavor, raw or cooked
- Spring Onions - bunch
- Radicchio - head - really cool, green type radicchio
- Kale - bunch
- Boc Choy
- Parsley - cut herb

 Price is $35.00

What to do with all the fresh produce?
We love sugar snap peas stir fried, but these sweeties were so good they disappeared before I had a chance to cook any…we ate them raw.

More delicious salads with fresh lettuce. Best salads ever, hope they keep the lettuce coming.

The napa cabbage had some bug damage so it took a little longer to clean and prep, but that’s OK with me if it’s grown organically. We loved this cabbage, it made the most delicious salads from the Nourishing Meals and The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbooks.

We sautéed the beet greens with olive oil, garlic, and red pepper flakes. Then we roasted the beets in the oven. Not everyone in our house is a beet fan, but they all liked the beet greens prepared this way. Our baby enjoyed the roasted beets with me.

Kohlrabi was new to us. Thank goodness for the internet or I would have no idea what to do with some of these unusual veggies. I learned how to peel and cut the kohlrabi and found most people recommend just eating it raw. I sliced it into thin discs, sprinkled on some flavored sea salt, and called them veggie chips. Everyone enjoyed this new to us vegetable.

We sprinkled chopped spring onions on salads and on top of a few Mexican dishes.

I never had a whole head of radicchio before. It was quite bitter, so I mixed it with lots of lettuce and we ate it in salads. Radicchio is probably our least favorite item of the season, but it was fun to try a new veggie. Hopefully I’ll learn new ways to prepare and enjoy radicchio next year.

The kale was used in more green smoothies, our favorite way to eat kale.

We made the same boc choy recipe we tried in our first share of the season, yum.

We used the cut parsley to top a few frittatas.

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