Friday, January 30, 2015

Tortellini Kebobs with Pesto and Marinara Dipping Sauce

During the holidays, it’s party time and that means potluck dishes to prepare for all the big events. First up was my husband’s annual work potluck, so we needed to decide on a few covered dishes to make and share.

I suggested going the healthy route with my new favorite one pot Mexican Quinoa recipe that is super yummy. He loves it too, but didn’t think the work boys would appreciate it, so we went with a theme for his food this year. Since there was a ton of crockpot meat dishes already on the menu, we decided to leave the crockpot at home and bring “food on a stick” making it official by writing it on the sign up sheet.

Who knows what everyone thought he would bring? Corndogs perhaps, not a chance!
Tortellini Kabobs with Pesto and Marinara Dipping Sauce (marinara not pictured)
We prepared tortellini kebobs with pesto and marinara dipping sauces. Although no one else probably noticed, I love that the Christmas colors of the green pesto and red marinara made this dish feel even more festive.

To assemble, we cut kebob sticks in half and put two or three tortellini on each stick careful to only skewer the tortellini on the stick end that was factory finished (not our scissor cut end) so no one accidentally got a splinter in their food.

Tortellini on a stick works well as an appetizer, light side, or topper for a soup or salad.

Whatever you want to call it, potluck pleasers, food on a stick, or simply party food, the fun "on a stick" presentation helped make our simple and tasty covered dishes a success. My husband even received several positive comments from the work crew about his potluck dishes!

We also took a dessert, Raspberry Poundcake Bites on a Stick.

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