Monday, March 16, 2015

Organic Garden Seeds 16 Varieties at Costco

I’m ready for warmer weather. To start thinking Spring, we bought this huge 16 variety pack of organic seeds from Costco for $19.79.
Mountain Valley Seed Co. Organic Garden Seeds - 16 Varieties
I bought a similar pack last year and they worked well in our garden and in containers, so I was excited to see some new seed varieties in this pack.
They even include a square foot garden plan on the back of the package.  Quite a few of the seed varieties are container friendly too.

The 16 varieties of organic garden seeds (fruits, vegetables, and herbs) include:
  Tomato - Beefsteak
  Cherry Tomato - Yellow Pear
  Sweet Pepper - Cal Wonder
  Hot Pepper - Jalapeno
  Cucumber - Marketmore
  Zucchini - Black Beauty
  Bunching Onion - Evergreen
  Carrot - Scarlet Nantes
  Beets - Detroit Red & Gold Mix
  Peas - Sugar Snap
  Kale - Blue Vates
  Lettuce - Gourmet Mix
  Basil - Italian Large Leaf
  Cilantro - Coriander
  Cantaloupe - Hales Best Jumbo
  Watermelon - Crimson Sweet

Yesterday during my daughter's nap time, my son and I got to work starting a couple trays of tomato and pepper seeds. We used our new seeds and some varieties we saved from last year planting them in this simple seed starting kit.  I never tried this seed starting kit before, so fingers crossed it works well.

My 6 year old dropped two seeds into each cell in the greenhouse kit and labeled the rows using a fine tip sharpie.
Now we just have to wait until our little seedlings grow!

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