Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Visit!

My son went into the bathroom before school this morning and exclaimed that a leprechaun had been to our house! He insisted we all parade through the bathroom to see the little green shamrock he discovered on the mirror that the leprechaun left behind. He was surprised, excited, and perhaps a little uncertain about using a bathroom that a leprechaun had recently visited.

I assured him that there are no leprechauns in our house and even if a leprechaun did visit, he was long gone by now. We all left the bathroom so he could finish getting ready for school only to have him announce that he couldn’t use the bathroom! Apparently the leprechaun left more than just a shamrock on the mirror.  Yes that is green water in our toilet!

My son wanted to check the rest of the house for more leprechaun tricks, but it was time to get ready for school.
In addition to our leprechaun excitement, Grandma got the kids green sparkly St. Patrick's Day headbands to dress for the occasion. We snapped a few silly pictures and my son got a little extra milage out of his new head-ware as he insisted on wearing his to school.

He told us all about his great day at school where his class found special clues revealing a pot of gold that a leprechaun had left behind and each student received a chocolate gold coin.

To cap off our St. Patrick's Day celebration, we made a healthy bright green smoothie after dinner (no food coloring required). Anything to get some extra dark leafy greens and fruit into the kiddos. Ah to be a Kindergarten kid again! I love their happy go lucky outlook and how everyday is filled with wonder, possibility and excitement.

Hope you enjoyed a Happy St. Patrick's Day too!

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