Friday, December 4, 2009

Deal on Picture Frames - 13 Frames for $13 at Walmart!

With all the delicious Thanksgiving leftovers, I didn’t need to do a big grocery shopping trip this week. We only needed a few staples, so I made a quick run to Walmart. I was so glad, because look at what we found when taking a brisk stroll through the holiday section!
Yes this big package of 13 matching pictures frames is only $13! I’m not sure if the frames are available at every Walmart, but if you’re looking to decorate a room or hallway in your home with a photo collage these would be perfect. They are packaged together nicely so they are not scratched, dusty, manhandled by tons of customers, and are easy to take home. They may make a great inexpensive gift for someone on your holiday list, especially if personalized with photos of family and friends.

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