Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Silky Surprise!

As I was visiting with relatives over the weekend, my 3 year old niece cuddled up to me on the couch one morning with her silky. Silky is apparently a pink fluffy blanket with smooth silky edges that she now totes around everywhere. I was enjoying spending time with her and it was a cute, peaceful moment. So sweet…well until she said, “I have poo on my silky!”

I know she’s already potty trained, but I thought this could only mean one thing. As she searched around for the spot I couldn’t help but be immediately grossed out at the mere thought of poo on this blanket that was all over my leg.

As it turns out, this was one time I was so happy to be wrong. She however was correct; there was Pooh on her blanket! Never was I so relieved and happy to see a little bear!

Why did someone name a children's book character Pooh?! :)


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  3. Funny, my daughter told me about an hour ago there was poo in her play kitchen...she meant she peed on the floor next to her play kitchen! Does Calgone still exist?

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  4. Thanks for following Tisha, Sofia, and Kim!

    Kim - Yikes, there's never a dull moment with little ones around! I got an old box of Calgone as a gag gift at a Christmas party last year. As a new mom, my relatives must have thought I would need it!

  5. Ohmigosh! I've had a couple of VERY similar conversations with my kiddos about "Pooh" - he's one of our favorite characters. He's one of the reasons we chose to actually call it poop instead of just poo. But it still catches me off guard. The boys newest joke is, "What was Tiggr doing on the toilet? He was looking for Pooh!" ROFLOL!

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  6. What a cute post! My daughter loves Pooh! Thank you for your sweet comment! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen