Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A New Trick to Get Kids and Adults to Eat Their Spinach

I discovered a new trick to get my 2 year old son to finally eat spinach! I just chop it up like fresh herbs.

When I realized he picks out or gags on anything that’s long and stringy or big and leafy, I decided to try chopping baby spinach leaves up like fresh herb which he enjoys. Now, instead of sticking whole spinach leaves into my dishes, I add the same amount of chopped up baby spinach leaves. The big difference is now everyone in the family happily cleans their plate, spinach and all.

I’ve had success using chopped fresh baby spinach in egg scrambles for breakfast, homemade soups, quesadillas, and veggie lasagna. It only takes an extra minute to chop the spinach and everyone eats their dark leafy greens and that works for me.

This trick may not work if your kids do not like anything green in their food, but it they’re like my son and just don’t like the texture of big leaves give it a try.

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