Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thomas the Train UNO Card Game - First Card Game

Whether it's rainy and windy like this weekend or not, here’s what we’ve been doing a lot lately.
Playing UNO!
This card game was a little Christmas stocking stuffer from Grandma and Pappy and we're getting lots of good use out of it.  My little guy loves this game. UNO is the first card game we introduced to him. The familiar favorite characters featured in this Thomas the Train version helped him instantly be interested in learning UNO and I love that the cards are large for toddlers. (If you're wondering where we found it, Thomas the Train UNO is available on Amazon)

UNO is great for learning numbers, colors, and having family fun. Since my little man already knows his numbers and colors, I really wish I would have tried playing this game together earlier, perhaps starting at age 2. Even now at 3, he’s learning the concepts of playing card games, taking turns, and good sportsmanship whether you win or lose.
The only problem is serious Thomas the Train fans, like my boy, may notice that not all the numbers correspond with the trains that have the same number. The designers probably choose to add a few girl trains to the mix to appeal to a wider audience, but my son noticed that number 2 was not Edward, etc. Maybe it’s not a big deal for others, but my son is into the details! :) Even so, he would not trade his Thomas the Train UNO for anything right now.

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