Monday, October 15, 2012

Baby Shower Ideas - Table Centerpieces, Pumpkins filled with Flowers

For my fall baby shower, my mom created these gorgeous floral centerpieces using a pumpkin for the container.  They're inexpensive, not overly difficult to assemble yourself, and help create a wow factor at any fall event.

My mom purchased the flowers in bulk from a warehouse club and used clippings of leaves and greenery from shrubs around the yard as filler. The pumpkins were only $1 a piece from a local family that sells home grown pumpkins.

I love that these beautiful floral centerpieces can be used for any event or fall decorating project and are easily customizable. We added a silver charm that said “It's A Boy” with blue ribbon around the pumpkin so they tied into my baby shower.

Besides adding a big splash of color to the baby shower, the best part of this decor project was that guests loved taking the centerpieces home to decorate for fall after our party was over.

A few guests thought they looked so good they didn’t even realize we used real pumpkins and asked if they should return the vase, it was great telling everyone they could keep the entire centerpiece, since it is just made of flowers and a real pumpkin.

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