Thursday, December 6, 2012

Trader Joe’s Chocolate Advent Calendars - Super Easy and Affordable Countdown Fun!

This year we’re building a Lego Advent Calendar with our son, which is going even better than we imagined and an advent calendar that was a gift from Sunday Church School.  Those would be more than enough countdown fun, then we stumbled across these super easy and affordable chocolate Advent Calendars at Trader Joe’s.  At only $.99, I got a few extras for our little man to hand out as small gifts at Thanksgiving to his cousins and grandparents.

Unfortunately, we all have terrible colds and haven’t even had a chance to try the chocolates yet!
Activities on Back

As you can see, the chocolates inside are not much bigger than a penny. We’re just going to all share the backed up chocolates after we’re feeling better.

We had a few DIY Advent Calendar ideas in the works, but those will have to wait until another year.  Three advent adventures is more than enough countdown excitement to get us ready for Christmas!

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