Wednesday, December 12, 2012

White Elephant Gift Idea

Gift Not Included - White Elephant Gift Idea
Every year we have a large family Christmas party and rather than getting everyone a gift, each family brings a few white elephant gifts for a gift exchange.  Some years you come home with great presents, other years you get a pile of junk. My favorite white elephant gifts are the funny ones! They’re even better when the right person opens them, it makes for a fun party.

This year one of the gifts we took was a simple sandwich bag filled with a holiday themed “Gift Not Included!” message printed on white card stock and two AA Batteries.

You'll notice, we included a note at the bottom of the message indicating the batteries are new and do work, because at this party the first thing everyone checks is if it’s expired, broken, etc.

We wrapped this white elephant gift in a larger box, which made everyone afraid to pick it to open since it felt very light for the size of the box. It was a funny gift and I would say one of the more useful gifts at this years party.

Can’t wait to see the white elephant gifts everyone brings next year!

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  1. I love it. Going to use this for all my friends at work this year. Thank you!