Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Make a Cardboard Tunnel for your Little Ones

Sometimes the best things in life are FREE! Our son has been having a grand time playing with his new homemade cardboard tunnel. To make one of your own, just repurpose a big cardboard box. We used a box from an online diaper purchase, the size was just right. Next sketch the openings on each side of your tunnel. Finally, cut the openings out. We started using scissors, but found it to be a bit challenging to cut that much cardboard with scissors, so we tried an old steak knife to saw the remainder of the opening which worked well (Note: Make sure the kiddos are not around for this part of the project. Safety first!).

Now, our son has hours of fun crawling through the tunnel, hiding toys, playing peek-a-boo, and even standing to play with toys on top of his tunnel. If he gets bored with the current tunnel, we may even take it to the next level by adding pictures or cutting out a few windows for little stuffed animals to pop in and say hello. Enjoy some free fun with your little one and build yourself your very own cardboard tunnel!

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