Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Princess Castle Birthday Cake with a Small Princess Cake

My niece turned 3 over the weekend. And this year she was very clear on what she wanted for her birthday: a princess castle cake!

At first, Grandma looked into purchasing a castle cake pan and found a lot of great pans available:

Wilton Enchanted Castle Pan Nordic Ware Pro Cast Castle Bundt Pan Wilton Romantic Castle Cake Set

Since she had enough time, she decided to try to create her own. She typically doesn’t create a lot of 3D cakes; she usually creates a sheet cake like my son’s rocket cake. Mostly because 3D cakes serve a large number of people and you can end up with tons of leftovers. They also tend to be trickier to construct and transport.

After a bit of hard work, she ended up with a fun, girlie 3D castle birthday cake embellished with Disney Princess figurines, hot pink pointy towers made out of ice cream cones, and topped with a photo frame containing the birthday girl’s picture.

Everyone loved the cake. The birthday girl was especially tickled pink with her castle cake. Grandma even surprised her with a small princess cake that was just for her. Although there was a bit of leftover cake to send home with everyone, it was another birthday cake success!

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