Thursday, November 11, 2010

Airport Travel Brochures – Money Saving Coupon Source in Hawaii

After arriving at the Honolulu airport, while waiting for luggage we always grab several free travel brochures available in the baggage claim area.

The brochures let us know about special festivals, events, new activities, or other happenings and also provide a great source of money saving coupons and maps. There are quite a few ads, but you’ll also find coupons for activities you planned to do anyway and sometimes you’ll discover something new to try.

Some of the brochures helped us learn about fun events like the Annual Greek Festival, a sneak preview of the new Hawaii Five-O television series at Sunset on the Beach in Waikiki (a big movie screen on the fun), and lots of coupons for restaurants and activities.

Some of our favorite brochures are:
- Spotlight’s Oahu Gold
- This Week Oahu
- 101 Things To Do Oahu

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